Jimmy Buffett's, Margaritaville Florida
Parade Formation, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia
McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana
Post Office on an Island, Thousand Islands NY State
Colored Chairs at Clayton
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
General Jackson, Virginia Military Institute
Sedona Mountains Arizona
Sedona Mountains, Arizona
Kauai Hawaii Beachline
Playa de Carmen Mexico, The Pier
Hocking Hill
Hocking Hills
World War II Fighter Pilot
Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Verrazano Narrows Bridge
Glacier National Park, Montana
Sunrise in Playa de Carmen, Mexico
Canyonlands, Utah
Snowed in; by the St Lawrence River, NY State
Glacier National Park, Mountainside
Barn, Grand Tetons Mountains Wyoming #3
Barn, Grand Tetons Mountains, Wyoming #2
Barn, Grand Tetons Mountains Wyoming #1
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IMG_2385 Painter B1 Small.jpg
Paul Ortiz  IMG_6832 b Small.jpg
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Great Falls Park
Playa De Carmen Morning Beach
Yosemite, National Park
Red Rock Park
Sunrise Pier
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Parade Formation, Virginia Military Institute
Hocking Hills
Thunderbirds Formation, Ocean City Maryland
Yellowstone Coyote!
The Deer, Quantico Virginia
The Couple! Florida
"Buffalo" Yellowstone Wyoming
Mountain Goat, Glacier National Park
Looking at YOU!
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Bird 14-2 small.jpg
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IMG_0585 Bird In flight -J1`.jpg
IMG_0735 Bird & Food-j.jpg
IMG_1044 small.jpg
Quantico Crane
Flamingo Pink
Florida BIrds
Glacier National Park
Buffalo Winter
The Moose, Grand Tetons Mountains Wyoming
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IMG_8471 J1 Small.jpg
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IMG_9059 small.jpg
All Male
Moose - Early Spring
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